Friday, August 20, 2010

wedding fail #1

im sure this wont be the first wedding fail we have (lets hope its the most expensive of them, since this wasnt too bad overall)....

cant figure it out? ill give you a hint... were not having sloppy joes/taco meat for a dinner option. supposed to have been "top" sirloin. (although tacos would be kinda sweet!)



  1. this is awesome. you should leave it and see if anyone notices. :)

  2. Was that a printer error??
    but heck I vote for a taco bar!! it'll save you some $$ and who doesn't love tacos??

  3. unfortunately it was not a printer error, it was a stupid danielle error. i wanted to just use white out but ty wouldnt go for that. and seriously, a taco/nacho bar would be amazing!

  4. I was wondering about that when I saw it. I was like "Okay...that's cool...i like a good burger. That's kinda a weird way to word it, though." ;-)

  5. I laughed hysterically. I had a pasta buffet and the caterer forgot the sauces. Buttered noodles or generic marinara sauce were my options.