Thursday, August 5, 2010

fenway photo overload

because you pretty much have to take out a loan to buy tickets for the red sox these days, i was pretty psyched when tyler won two tickets in a golf raffle! funny story: 2 names were drawn in the raffle... the other guy got a spa package. needless to say he was not impressed when they gave ty the tickets haha.

i worked 6 nights in a row leading up to the game (awesome), so when i got home from the hospital on wednesday morning i was only able to sleep for 3 hours before needing to get up and head for the train. can you say sleeeeeeeeepy?! we stopped and got iced coffees which only gave me a huge sugar rush, followed by a crash and an upset stomach. sweet. i might have fallen asleep on the train for an hour while ty read the paper.

it was also 95 degrees and the train ended up getting some sort of heat restriction put on it (the track apparently expands in the heat) so we could only go 40mph until we hit the state of massachusetts, as opposed to the 65/70mph we had been going. only slowed us down about a half hour.

this is right after you get off the T at kenmore... just incase youre lost.

if you get to fenway early enough you can get into one of the restaurants right outside the park in a fairly timely fashion. we had about 2 hours to spare so the 40 minute wait was fine with us. and it only really took about 20 minutes. score! we had pretty good luck today... the sox did not.

we ate at cask n' flagon, and i had the BEST sandwich (chicken BLT on a pita with balsamic dressing). the fries were just ok, even with ranch. disappointment here but i got over it. beer helped.

sox pre game with tom caron and dennis eckersley. his mustache is something else.

a very cool pic of david ortiz right outside where our seats were. he was the only good thing about this game tonight. home run derby champ baby!!

another cool pic that was in the restaurant inside where our seats were. its about 12 feet tall and would look really good in our living room. just sayin...

view from our seats. un...real. really there isnt a bad seat in this park.

haha i love this pic. isnt he just too cute? ;)

and i absolutely love this option on my camera (if you didnt already know) where i can just isolate on color. thought this pic came out pretty sweet.

so our super sweet seats had a waitress and a menu. seriously... i can buy an 8 pack of 12oz bud light cans for $6.49 at the getty station next to my apartment. EIGHT FREAKING DOLLARS for a bud light draft!! ugh.

quote of the night, by far:
(me-) "ty, weve each had what, 4 beers? so we've paid $64 just on beer. we could have gotten nine of those 8 packs at the getty for that price. thats like 72 beers."
(ty-) "i dont even want to talk about it. and dont even think about tweeting that."


mmmmmm beer and fenway franks

thought this was pretty cool (on the back of all the fenway security shirts).... yay earth. go sox.

ty was not pleased that i was a) making him sing sweet caroline and b) taking his pic. he knew this was going right on the blog.

sox lost 4-1 with one homerun. obviously the sox won last night with a grand slam. we never end up going to the right game, but we had tons of fun and thats all that matters.
up next: beach2beacon 10k preview!! i cant believe its august already. where does the time go?!


  1. I really like that b&w and red photo too. You said that's a function on your camera? Or you did that w/editting? Teach me! :)

  2. its called "color accent" on my canon power shot... what kind of camera do you have? you can sort of do the same thing with Picasa photo program but not in the same way. the camera option is better....