Friday, January 13, 2012

10 day you challenge- 8

eight fears

1. death (my own and losing the ones i love)

2. flying. i seriously need xanax, and/or a lot of alcohol.

3. snakes

4. spiders (i know im so cliche, but really, those 4 are real fears)

5. michael flatley lord of the dance! ("his legs flail about as if independent from his body!") (come on, you knew that would be in there)

6. someday ill look as old as i really am (side note: someone said to me yesterday "youre like what, 20?" haha)

7. everything (everything) that can happen to my child (future child/children) (working in health care/as a respiratory therapist doesnt help that fear)

8. not being enough.


  1. Ha! Michael Flatley- awesome.
    I am scared of snakes and spiders, too! Also sharks and the dark. I am a giant walking cliche.
    I love this 10 day YOU challenge idea- so fun.

  2. This is quite a fun challenge idea. Number 8 is... I don't know. Crazypants, in a way, but I think almost everyone has that fear or something similar. Almost everyone with any self awareness, anyway.