Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 day you challenge- 9

nine loves

1. my husband

2. ranch dressing (might be tied for 1st) (just kidding) (...maybe)

3. family & friends

4. fall in maine w/pumpkin spice lattes

5. taking pictures

6. thoughts of the future (future sometimes includes tomorrow. i get easily excited)

7. just baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

8. pink

9. girl scout cookies caramel delights. they will forever be samoas to me.
  (side note: omg i just found THIS)


  1. I think you and my boyfriend might be the same person...scary. Love your lists! I think I might do the same!

  2. I feel like the text conversation about day 9 that we have tomorrow is going to be far less entertaining.