Friday, January 20, 2012

fun fact friday

1. i actually got dressed today. with real clothes. i dont really know why, i have nothing to do (read: should have just stayed in sweatpants and a hoodie).

2. my closet is color coordinated. its really sad but i would never find anything if it wasnt this way.

3. ive lived in missouri, illinois, maine, new york, massachusetts, and arizona.

4. random things/texts/pics/etc makes me smile.

5. i would love to have a "shop" on etsy. just gotta figure out what i would sell...

6. this morning i was too lazy to clean out the dishwasher (clean dishes) so that i could put the dirty ones in there. so instead i washed all the dirty dishes by hand. in my head it made sense. now i still have to put the clean dishes away.

7. i set 2 alarms when i need to get up in the morning. i get afraid the power will go off or my cell phone will die.

8. i make to-do lists for EVERYTHING.

9. my cousin is 11 months older than i am. we spent so much time together when i was younger and i really looked up to her. she has 5 kids (vs my zero). i dont know how she does it.

10. ive broken my nose twice. once heading a soccer ball (yes im aware i did it wrong), and once was jumping into a jeep with the top down and i hit the roll bar.


  1. I set TWO alarms every morning as well. I did in college because I feared I would miss an exam. It stuck (9 years later) and I have them 10 minutes apart.

  2. Your headline is accurate. fun fact friday. Only #10 was fun. If more of them were fun, you could have called it fun facts friday.

  3. I am currently wearing my sweatpants + hoodie uniform. also I am terrified of breaking my nose.