Friday, January 6, 2012

fun fact friday

1. im anxiously awaiting an email that ill probably never get so that i can write a blog post. sounds fun, right? stay tuned...
  (update: got the email. blog tomorrow.)

2. im at work and feel like crap... again, so fun. this IS "fun" fact friday after all

3. i have maybe 6 different colors of nail polish. i rarely paint my nails, and when i do, it stays on until it cracks off/grows out

4. im pretty sure i sent a TMI text to a good friend yesterday. i do that sometimes.
  (do you too want TMI texts? see #13 below. i have a lot of freetime, and love new friends)

5. im really going to try and take less kitten pics for this years 366 project (its a leap year). a puppy this spring should help.

6. with what little running i plan on doing this year, i think i will look into kinvaras. or vibrams. yes, i just said it.

7. i started lifting again. the bar is delightfully heavy (read: no upper body strength).

8. ive decided when it comes to the end of 2012, ill take a look back and figure out what i either did everyday or didn't do this year and make that my new years resolution. prediction: breathe & no pickles! its just easier.

9. my patients families in the intensive care unit this week are awesome. they also want us to get fat. this morning there were boxes of chocolate frosted donuts and harry & david goodies. who can resist?

10. seriously, why do they even make rye bread?

11. drinking a gallon of water a day is not always the easiest thing to do, but i have it down to a science... almost. 1 nalgene = 1/4 gallon... drink one from 9a-noon, noon-3p, 3p-6p, 6p-9p.

12. #11 causes me to pee. a LOT. and as added fun to my day, i just dropped my pager in the toilet.

13. i text like a teenager. its probably a really good thing i didn't have text messaging when i was a real teenager.

14. my basement is such a disaster i can't even go down there right now. maybe in the spring.


  1. Holy goodness that's a lot of water! I have a pair of Vibrams...I love them but I hardly ever run in them because I run too much. I'm planning to take a full month off from high mileage after Marathon #1 this year and biking and swimming (in hopes of doing a tri) and only run in my Vibrams. I'd really like to run at least a full in them.

  2. I manage to drink one 8 ounce glass of water a day so you are beating me pretty soundly in that department.

  3. Are you still using the same pager?