Friday, January 13, 2012

fun fact friday

1. i really love my work schedule: 12 hour days/3 days a week. ive had a 9-5 job once when i lived in phoenix and i hope i never have one again. (other jobs have been 3-11p or 4p-12a).

2. goo goo dolls. forever.

3. ive got a pot roast in the slow cooker and im making whole grain chocolate chip cookies.

4. we bought our tickets this week: 91 days til im lying on myrtle beach!

5. for the amount we pay per gallon for propane, i think they should have to shovel their own damn path to our tanks.

6. some things are just better left unsaid.

7. i refuse to leave a bottle of riesling unfinished.

8. i think i would like to visit DC this year.

9. my brother seriously wants to marry paula dean. can you blame him? mmmmm butter.

10. i now own a pair of purple hunter boots.

11. a) at two of my friends weddings (i was in both of them) i took over 500 photographs. each.
b) someday i hope to photograph a wedding. and get paid to do so.

12. i feel i have some sort of creativity inside me that hasnt yet flourished.
13. i wish i was left handed.

14. i already want another tattoo.

15. i drink milk chocolate muscle milk.

16. i got my belly button pierced for my high school graduation in 1999. they pierced it with an eyebrow ring, so i have few options in the way of jewelry. ive worn the same belly button ring (barbell) since i got it pierced. ill take it out midway through my 1st pregnancy and then im done with it.

17. i have 9 other piercings. all ears. i only wear the first holes.

18. where does all this laundry come from? you'd think we were a family of 6.

19. one is never enough.

happy friday everyone!


  1. Oh my God. Goo Goo Dolls. YES! Seriously, favorite band ever. And I think you should wait to visit DC until I'm living there =) Then you can stay with me!