Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 day you challenge- 10

i saw this a few days ago (got the idea here) and decided i would give it a shot. something to do :)

what secrets do you guys not already know?? (oh there are soooo many)
im gonna go more with things you might not know about me, rather than secrets.
its safer that way.

1. im an elmira college mark twain scholar. hes an interesting guy, no joke.

2. im really bad at checking my voice mail. it could sit there for weeks, unlistened to. ill see you called and call you back... dont bother leaving a message cuz youll just repeat what you said when/if i call (see #6 below)

3. i have yet to decide if im team jacob or team edward. im leaning towards team jacob. especially since he's 6'7".

4. ive used the same wallet since march of 2010.

5. one of my calves is legit an inch smaller than the other.

6. id really rather not talk on the phone. it bugs me. unless im drunk, obviously.

7. when i was in 5th grade a large group of girls, me included, did a dance for the talent show. oh did we ever have some talent! we practiced in someones basement and put together some sort of shitshow awesome performance to "jump" by kris kross. we wore our jeans backwards, our "coed naked" shirts backwards (blast from the past there, huh?), and backwards hats. someone somewhere has it on video.

8. i wish i had closer/stronger relationships with some members of my family.

9. i used to have a guitar. my aunt got it for me. i used it to hold my pennies.

10. i have regrets... but over the past few years ive realized they have made me the person i am today. and i really love that person. 

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