Friday, January 27, 2012

11 things

yesterday i came upon christy's newest blog post.... and she tagged ME to do the 11 things post that everyone is doing. yay! (i had really wanted someone to tag me, so thanks christy! i knew someone would come through haha)

the rules:
1. you must post the rules (ok, well i guess here they are... do i have to follow them?)
2. post 11 fun facts about yourself (ill try to make them "fun" if only for a certain somebody who tends to think im not fun in any way, unless i hurt myself)
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create 11 new questions for the people you tagged
4. tag people and link to them on your post
5. let them know youve tagged them (um hi christy, you didnt let me know!! good thing i found out myself!)

alright, so the fun facts about me:

1. i only drink water, milk, beer, and the occasional glass (bottle) of wine. no juice, no soda, no hard alcohol. i had a really bad experience with vodka one time, and that was the end of it.

2. im not sure what a "brazilian blow out" is, but i hear it advertised on the radio. and it truly freaks me out.

3. ill take looking at pics of jennifer anniston and rachel bilson over hot guys with no shirts on any day. my husband is aware of this.

4. i have to shave my legs in the winter. im not one of those people that can just let that go.

5. i want to marry josh turner. or at least have him sing me to sleep every night. again, my husband is well aware.

6. whenever the llbean catalog arrives i go through and cut out the golden retriever puppy pics and hang them up on the cork board in the kitchen. i have issues.

7. i can get ready for work or to go out in 10 minutes if i have to. shower, hair elastic, clothes. done.

8. ive painted my nails while driving before. im pretty sure if texting is illegal while driving, painting my nails sure should be as well.

9. i often wear my senior year college basketball sweatsuit. out in public.

10. i dont understand tosh.0 or chelsea handler or that show 30 rock. not interested, dont care. add all the housewives of wherever. no thanks.

11. ive only ever had my eyebrows waxed. im extremely scared of anywhere else. ouch.

and the questions that christy asked us to answer (cuz shes just dying to know, im sure)

1. how long have you been blogging and what made you start blogging?
  i started blogging over two years ago, october 27th, 2009 to be exact. i really dont know what made me start blogging but im so glad i did, for many reasons.

2. whats your favorite way to spend a saturday and/or a day off of work?
 oh you mean like today? id say i love to sleep in, but that usually doesnt happen. i enjoy getting caught up on stuff around the house and just relaxing, reading, and working out.

3. do you wear makeup?
 i occasionally wear eye shadow and mascara. i dont own foundation. i have lipstick from my wedding, that i wore once. that day.

4. if you could tell your 15 year old self one thing about where you are now, what would it be?
 be patient and dont doubt yourself.

5. whats your favorite easy go-to meal?
 peanut butter toast with banana. with a side of thin mints.

6. are you a sports fan? whats your favorite sports team?
 absolutely!! duke mens basketball is my favorite sports team, mens college bball is my favorite sport, then the red sox, then the cardinals, then the patriots.

7. do you like to travel?
 yes but i dont do it nearly enough. and i hate to fly.

8. if money were not an object and your boss said to you tomorrow "go take a week off and do something fun", where would you go and what would you do?
 id go back to punta cana and have our honeymoon allllll over again.

9. do your family/friends know you have a blog? do they read it?
 they sure do! i know my mom and mother in law read it. a few of my friends read it. i dont think my dad knows i have one. my step dad doesnt know how to turn on a computer. i think ty skims it every now and then (and for my wedding gift he got my first year of my blog book bound for me... inscription read: danielle- this book, and the pages within, chronicles a year of humor, ambition, determination, and love. i couldnt think of a better way to memorialize the day of our wedding than to give you a tangible example of all the qualities i love about you. love always, ty). awwww.

10. whats your favorite fashion accessory?
 fashion? whats that? i wear the same necklace everyday (have since 2003, only have taken it off a handfull of times)... my mom gave it to me for my college graduation- its a solitaire diamond necklace with the diamond from her engagment ring with my real dad.

11. valentines day- yay or nay?? i like cards and chocolate :) i think flowers are a waste of money, but i usually get them haha

tagged people (dont worry, you dont HAVE to do this... but you should, duh.)

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11 super awesome questions for you

1. what is your favorite blog(s) to read and why? (bonus points if its mine hahaha jk, kinda)
2. if you are a runner/swimmer/biker/all 3... whens your next race?
3. coffee or tea?
4. what is your favorite recipe? (write it in here so we can all have it!)
5. what tv show do you never miss?
6. what is the best book you've ever read?
7. peanut butter... discuss.
8. if you could eat one thing for the rest of your life for all meals what would it be? (i like food, can you tell?)
9. what article of clothing do you own that you would be devistated if you lost or it somehow got thrown out?
10. what kind of cell phone do you have?
11. are you going to the movie theater on march 23rd???


  1. Stop it! WHY ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?! I can't not shave my legs in the winter. It drives me crazy. Josh Turner? Swoon. He can take me straight up the stairs any day. LL Bean catalog? Totally hooked...thanks to you. 30 Rock is weird...I don't find it funny. Tosh.0 is mildly offensive. Chelsea Handler? Umm it's a talk show about making fun of can be funny but meh. Re. waxing? SAME HERE. I get my brows done religiously. I will never wax another part of my body. No thanks. Razor blades work just fine. Thanks for doing this =)

    1. haha i thought for sure youd be afraid to get your eyebrows waxed after the last time hehe

  2. Feeling my leg hair brush against my pants makes me cringe!!!! I can barely make it two whole days without shaving, winter or no winter!

  3. Thanks for the tag...still working on it!

  4. I like the inscription from Ty. And Thin Mints.

  5. These are great posts! I really enjoy reading the random facts about people.